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The process of buying and selling houses is said to be second only to getting divorced as a cause of stress!  Naturally, people want to buy and sell at the same time as other people, creating the infamous conveyancing chain.  Organising half a dozen sales and purchases all at once can become a bit of a logistical nightmare!  Added to this, the law is complicated and banks and building societies have many very detailed requirements before they will lend money.

Only a solicitor or a licensed conveyancer can carry out conveyancing work and be paid for it.  You can do your own conveyancing, but it is not a good idea (we would say that wouldn’t we, but it is true!).  Certainly, if you are borrowing money from a mortgage lender, they will insist on instructing a solicitor.

The services provided by different firms of solicitors are not all the same.  Just as in any other walk of life, you get what you pay for. If your primary goal is to get the cheapest possible quote, then if you ring enough solicitors, you will get them to undercut each other and end up with a figure with which you are satisfied.  It is likely, however, that if you pay the cheapest price, you will get the cheapest service and this will only make the process more stressful.

If you talk to us, we will prepare a bespoke quote for you.  If you choose to instruct us we will

  • Offer you our local knowledge
  • Be quick and efficient
  • Meet you at the property or any of our offices
  • Use email (many solicitors don’t!)
  • If you are selling, prepare a free Pre Sale Legal Check identifying anything you can do to speed up your sale


If you would like to discuss our conveyancing services, please contact Julie Rowan on 01208 72328 or email <>.